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Accounting Services

The services offered by the firm are in line with those expected of an international organisation but because of its comparatively small size it has been able to offer these services on a more personalised basis and, with its much lower overheads, at a more cost effective level.

Al Ghaith & Co can offer very comprehensive assistance covering a wide area including some of those items that may be of particular interest to clients:

Key Services

  • Preparation of annual accounts from the underlying records for audit or other purposes
  • Use of temporary accounting staff when the client has an insufficient capacity and / or expertise
  • Preparation of monthly accounts for small businesses from basic records
  • Assistance in writing up books of account either on a regular or periodic basis
  • Maintenance of a complete accounting system if so required

  • Feasibility studies of any size or description
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Goodwill evaluations
  • Preparation of budgets and forecasts for any company
  • Company formations and prospectus
  • Liquidations and bankruptcy
  • Accounting systems advice
  • Taxation
  • Financial planning advice

Financial Accounting

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An increasing amount of our work involves assisting our clients with their financial accounting - either on a temporary basis when their accounting staff are unavailable or a more permanent basis when their accounting work is outsourced.

Al Ghaith & Co can assist in all regular accounting services ranging from preparation of accounts from incomplete records to the finalisation stage. Furthermore the firm is in a position to help with supervision of your staff and also in training them in specific aspects of accounting from basic to a more advanced level.

Any technical training will be specific to the individual client and can range from the basic accounting training to a more advanced level for more senior staff members.

We are also in a position to appraise your accounting staff and advise clients of staff members' suitability and ability for specific accounting functions.

Some clients use our accounting services when they have a temporary shortage of staff either through illness, holiday or resignation. Again Al Ghaith & Co can provide assistance from the purely bookkeeping aspect to a more senior level.

Sometimes there are more specific requirements for our services and we can assist in functions such as preparation and supervision of payroll, working capital management, especially in relation to Accounts Receivable and Inventory.

Dubai, UAE, Middle East

We believe that it is vitally important for our clients to make the most effective use of their Working Capital and that is essential for them to keep it moving round the working cycle as quickly as possible through each stage. There is no doubt that working capital is the key to a company's profitability and survival.

Most firms have a problem with collections and Al Ghaith & Co can assist with credit control. This usually involves ensuring that accounts are maintained in a current and correct manner and that policies and procedures are in place to ensure that collection efforts are maximised.

Inventory Control

Many firms have a problem with Inventory Control, often as a result of their accounting package not being interfaced with an Inventory module. Al Ghaith & Co can assist clients with their specific inventory requirements.

We also advise clients on the importance of internal controls - whether they be accounting or administration - within their organisation.

We can assist in ensuring that the following features are in place and working to optimum operational efficiency:


  • Competent personnel
  • Assignment of responsibility
  • Division of work
  • Separation of accountability and custodian ship
  • Adequate records
  • Staff rotation
  • Internal auditing
  • Physical protection of assets

Sometimes, clients require specific reports for external finance, equity finance or a potential sale. Al Ghaith & Co can advise clients on the best way forward and assist in the preparation of specific reports.

We also advise clients on the different types of accounting packages available and what we consider would be the most appropriate package for their individual requirements.

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