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History 1981-2015

The Al Ghaith family is an old and well-respected name in the United Arab Emirates where the family members have several business and professional activities.

Formed in 1981 by the late Khalaf Saeed Al Ghaith, the firm has grown from strength to strength and in 2015, it is recognised as one of the leading firms in Dubai.

Its membership of MSI Global Alliance ensures that Al Ghaith & Co is probably the only 100% locally owned accounting firm with such a wide international exposure.

Notwithstanding this international support, Al Ghaith & Co is primarily concerned with audit and accounting work for its clients within UAE. The client mix is roughly 7:3 local to international organisations whilst the client base comprises some of the leading families in Dubai.

For the past thirty four years - and as one of the oldest accounting firms in Dubai - Al Ghaith & Co has had a proud tradition of employing high levels of professional and ethical standards. The firm believes that such standards must be maintained if both Al Ghaith & Co and the accountancy profession in UAE are to gain the confidence and respect of both the local and international business communities.

In the absence of any local guidelines, Al Ghaith & Co has always operated under international accounting standards and has maintained an enviable reputation for its fair and impartial advice.

The professional background of its staff gives Al Ghaith & Co the experience necessary to undertake any task given by a client in those areas normally associated with public accountants.

Al Ghaith & Co has always been seen to provide personalised service in addition to work that is of the highest quality but at the same time very cost effective. This is mainly due to the fact that office overheads are a lot lower than most other international accounting firms.

Goals and Objectives

  • To adhere to all international accounting and auditing standards and practices at all times.

  • To give our clients prompt professional and personal service at all times.

  • To provide a high quality, cost efficient service

  • To recognise and develop Al Ghaith & Co’s most important resources - its people.

  • To ensure that all staff members receive continuous professional training so that their personal development is of prime concern.

  • To achieve and maximise the profitability and the return on investment of the existing operations, under any economic condition through better utilisation of resources, a constant surveillance of operations and strict financial controls.

  • To recognise changing economic conditions and to act on time to minimise and control any adverse effects.

  • To offer the local business community a real alternative to the larger international accounting firms.

  • To be a responsible corporate citizen and to follow the laws and customs of the UAE.
  • Our People

    Included in the Group’s Objectives is the need “to recognise and develop Al Ghaith & Co's most important resources - our people”. The firm has always insisted that staff training and development be given utmost importance and this is reflected in the time spent for these purposes.

    All staff positions have their own formal job descriptions and accountability statements.

    The firm operates a non-discriminatory personnel policy. It has a low staff turnover rate with some employees having been with the firm since its formation.

    Our Team

    • accounting, audting, certified practicing accountants
      Tim Howe

      Tim has a business degree from Edith Cowans University Perth and is an Australian Certified Practicing Accountant as well as a qualified Company Secretary. He has spent the past twenty years with Al Ghaith & Co. Prior to that, he had worked in senior accounting positions in locations inc. Australia, Kuwait, Zambia, PNG and the UK.

    • auditing, audits, auditors, chartered accountants
      Shabbir Jhabuawala

      Shabbir has a degree from the University of Bombay and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (FCA). He has had many years auditing experience at a senior level and has also spent time tutoring at various academic institutes in Dubai.

    • Dubai, UAE, Auditor, recruitment, training
      Constancio Noronha (Victor)

      Apart from being the Senior Auditor within the firm, Victor is responsible for the smooth running of all accounting work carried out for our clients.